About FirstWatch International


FWI clients include governments and governmental organizations, NGOs, research centers, and independent researchers. Our clients have access to a variety of products and services as well as custom intelligence information and analysis. Our services include:

Tailored Information Collection and Analysis: FWI analysts support the work of the nonproliferation and international security community by collecting and analyzing pertinent data, and delivering it in a timely fashion tailored to the client's needs. FWI experts also write baseline profiles and assessments analyzing the geopolitical, policy, and technical implications of issues related to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. A primary focus of FWI analysts is the assessment of the civilian nuclear fuel cycle along with analysis of the aerospace, defense, chemical, and biological industries around the world.

Nonproliferation Issues: " Nonproliferation Issues " is a unique collection of open source information related to international security and nonproliferation issues. Each week the FWI staff culls information from a variety of sources to inform readers of new research, analyses, policies, and expert opinion. The " Nonproliferation Issues " provides summaries, abstracts, bibliographic citations, and hyperlinks to full texts from the original sources and is delivered via email on a weekly basis.